dscf1209.jpgHello and welcome!  My name is Conrad (not a traditional Scottish name, of course), but inspired by the marriage of Conrad Hilton to Elizabeth Taylor around the time of my birth.  So it goes.  Well, I’ve wandered far from my birthplace of Glasgow, Scotland.  I grew up in England and emigrated with my family to the US in the mid 70’s.  I sojourned for a while in South Florida before finding my way to Georgia where I resided from 1980 until the magnetic pull of grandchildren drew us, in 2015, to North Texas where we now reside.  My wife and I have been married since 1980.  We have two grown children and a mischievous young Westie named Jock Lionheart (someone told me that Westies have the heart of a lion – hence his middle name).  I raised and hunted with beagles for many years – my favorite dogs. We love to travel whenever possible and visit new places.  I also love books and love to read so the idea for this blog is to share insights from my travels in the real world and in the world of literature.  I hope that you might find something of interest.

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